Mywegmansconnect Portal – Login to the website

Mywegmansconnect Portal


Mywegmansconnect is the official online employee website for the Wegmans employees. Those who work at Wegmans can get access to the company’s information through the Mywegmansconnect website. All of Wegmans employees are needed to have a Mywegmansconnect account.


How to login to the website

  • Visit
  • Enter the UserID and password
  • Log in to the account
  • Registering at

If you are a new user you have to create a new account

1) Working/school account

2) Personal account

  • As an employee select the correct option
  • Create your own UserID and password
  • Now you are a member of Mywegmansconnect website


Why do you need Mywegmansconnect account?

There are many perks offered to an employee by the official Wegmans employee site. The latest updates from the company can be known at any time without any need to consult superior authorities. As an employee, you will not receive any salary slips since all the information is contained in My Wegmans connect website. You will be able to view the details of your salary slip on the portal.

Better engagement with employees

The company can have very detailed reports of the performance of the employee and take proper decisions. Such as, the company can readily know the attendance and output of an employee and decide to promote him. Apart from this the company can also learn what is not good about the employee and take suitable steps against him. In this way, the company can get information about its employees with very little effort. On another hand, the employee can also get to know the latest updates from the company.

All day access to company

The portal allows the employees and the management to be in touch with each other at all hours. Employees can get to know the details of their shift via the portal. Since it is not possible to be in direct touch with the management at all times – for leave etc needed at odd hours the portal is most suitable. Employees can log in and connect with management whenever they wish.

Hours of work

Because all the data related to work is stored securely in the employee can calculate their exact working time and be able to understand how much more they need to work to reach their target. The employee is able to plan his schedule accordingly and decide if he can avail of a leave and still be able to meet his target. An employee with good productivity can very easily get a leave using the Mywegmansconnect website.

Data sharing

Data has a very important role in the functioning of any company. Wegmans connect provides data sharing among its members. Employees can share data with each other and the company quickly and easily.

Makes it easy to access pay statements

Wegmans does not provide any salary slips for its staff since all the data related to pay is already stored in Mywegmansconnect. Anyone who is a member of the portal can have access to the payment statements of Wegmans. The payslips are kept permanently in wegmansconnect.

Payment options

Wegmans employee login lets the employee choose the mode of payment. It may be direct deposit or another kind of payment if he so desires.

Benefits provided to Wegmans employee

  • 401K plans – each month a part of employee’s salary is deducted and deposited into a retirement fund.
  • Dental plans – an employee who avails of this plan is given the chance to meet dentists in case he faces any problems
  • Medical expenses – if an employee is ill Wegmans bears 85% of the medical bills. Medical expenses are a part of everyone’s life and this provides relief to the employees.